Winter Golf
Maslenitsa is a bright and legislative event.
There are no doubts as you meet spring, so you will spend it. Therefore, every year in "Pestovo" this extensive and tasty holiday is celebrated brightly and joyfully.

The Pestovo restaurant prepares delicious treats, the golf academy offers interesting tournaments, the club management takes care of the organizational part.

Tournament specifics
На турнире традиционно присутствуют
100 игроков и 100 гостей
  • 100+100
    Number of guests:
    250 players and 100 guests
  • Audience
    Club members and their family
  • Date and time of the event
    March 17th, 2024
1 000 000 rub*
General partner of the tournament
*price is without VAT
  • Host announcement
    • Club Partner during events (at least 2 times)
  • The logo/information placement
    Partner information on the Club’s advertising and information materials:
    • in news articles on Internet portals covering events (
    • on the official Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club website and social networks
    • on the posters (Club Members newsletters, publications in social networks, on the website, posted in the Club House and in the Golf Academy)
    • on the press wall
  • Hosting a partner's personalized golf tournament
  • Opportunity to present gifts
    to all event’s participants
    Participation partner’s representatives in the events
  • Participation partner’s representatives in the events
    up to 2 persons
  • Territory branding
    During the event:
    • banner/stand placement
    • flags placement (up to 4 pieces per site)
    • General Partner’s advertising and information materials placement in the guest areas
  • Opportunity for promotions or product placement
    General partner product placement on the day of the event
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