Golf and Yacht Club Pestovo

This is a premier private golf club with a spectacular infrastructure, built in accordance with international standards, which has no analogues in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Active sports component: golf tournaments among Club Members and their Guests, extensive programs and musical evenings, leisure and recreation time with family and friends.
Pestovo Club members are purposeful, successful, active people who appreciate the comfort and luxury premium services
  • 350 Club Members
    Interests: business, sports, education, contemporary art, cultural events, music
  • 35-50 years - average age
    Married couples with children, business owners, large public and private companies’ top managers
  • 5 events
    Large-scale, luxurious,
    vibrant events throughout
    the year
Events Partnership opportunities
Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club is the incredible project modeled on the best golf clubs in the world opened in 2006.

The effective marketing tool that will allow your company to become part of the most popular sport in the world and attract the large audience attention - there are already more than 20,000 fans of this sport in our country
Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club Social networks
Publications in telegram channel, information about partners in the weekly email newsletter
  • Social Media
    Publications in the instagram and private telegram channel for Club Members and guests
  • 19 Hole
    Publication about partners in our annual magazine "19 hole"
  • Email newsletters
    Opportunity to integrate your info and news into the weekly email newsletter for the Club Members
For the more detailed communication with the audience, you can use the "19th Hole" magazine, capabilities which we publish annually.
We contain the brightest events of the season, unique moments, publications of the club's friends
Season Events
Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club hosts not only Tournaments between Club Members, but also between other Golf clubs of Russia, professional events from the RGA and luxury events up to hundreds of guests.
Maslenitsa is a bright and legislative event.
There are no doubts as you meet spring, so you will spend it. Therefore, every year in "Pestovo" this extensive and tasty holiday is celebrated brightly and joyfully.

The Pestovo restaurant prepares delicious treats, the golf academy offers interesting tournaments, the club management takes care of the organizational part.
Every year the tournament "Opening" - is a unique concept of a large-scale level with immersion in the incredible atmosphere of the first holiday of the season.
Golf tournament with awards ceremony and gala dinner for participants and guests
Golf tournament with awards ceremony and gala dinner for participants and guests
A new tournament with the participation of all golfers-guests.
Tournament "Open Championship" - our doors are open to guests from all golf clubs.
Two-day golf tournament with awards ceremony
Family Golf Tournament with Awards Ceremony
Tournament "Family Cup" is always a big event for the Golf and Yacht Club "Pestovo", it's not for nothing that we are considered the most family Club. Since 2020, the annual Family Cup tournament has become a charity, together with The Life in Motion Foundation
One of the most beautiful, dynamic and spectacular events, every time with a new program
10 000 000 rub*
General partner of the season
*price is without VAT
  • Host announcement
    • Club Partner during events (at least 2 times)
    • Giving the floor to the representative of the partner at the Awards Ceremony
  • The logo/information placement
    Partner information on the Club’s advertising and information materials:
    • in news articles on Internet portals covering events (
    • on the official Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club website and social networks
    • on the posters (Club Members newsletters, publications in social networks, on the website, posted in the Club House and in the Golf Academy)
    • in the Club's weekly information digest
    • on the press wall
  • Hosting a partner's personalized golf tournament
  • Opportunity to present gifts
    to all event’s participants
    Participation partner’s representatives in the events
  • Participation partner’s representatives in the events
    up to 4 persons
  • Territory branding
    during the season:
    • Possibility to brand playing zones – flags on the holes, t-boards, advertising constructions.
    • demonstration partner’s video content in the Club House
    • printed materials placement in the Club House
    • flags placement at the Club entrance (5 pcs.)
    • partner's presentation stands in the Club (3 pcs.)

    during the event:
    • banner/stand placement
    • Goody bags for players (80-90 pieces for each tournament / additional option)
    • flags placement (up to 4 pieces per site)
    • General Partner’s advertising and information materials placement in the guest areas
  • Opportunity for promotions or product placement
    General partner product placement on the day of the event

Our partners
We are trusted.
Our Club is focused on long-term relationships with partners.
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